Monday, December 1, 2008


ServiceMaster Recovery Systems is excited to announce a brand new program that will help all homeowners during these turbulent times. As we all know, the economic climate is in a downturn and people just do not have the finances they once had. Unfortunately, a disaster can strike during any economic climate. This is when ServiceMaster Recovery Systems can help. We are part of a program that can deliver financial assistance to homeowners who may not otherwise have the means to pay their insurance deductible or worse yet, the entire amount for the damages to their property. It is not uncommon for homeowners, today, to forgo filing an insurance claim for property damages due to the risk of skyrocketing premiums. We understand not everyone has $10,000 lying around to be used to pay for property damage to their home.

When you contact ServiceMaster Recovery Systems after a loss, we will come out to your property and evaluate the damages. We will perform any emergency services needed at that time and can also provide an estimate for any further damages as well. If this is a situation where the homeowner would want to "self pay" for the remaining damages, then the homeowner will fill out a credit application. ServiceMaster Recovery Systems will create a financing contract based upon the credit application provided. Once the homeowner signs the agreed financing contract, we can complete the remaining and necessary work. Upon completion of the work, the satisfied homeowner then signs the work completion form and SMAC Funds are issued. At that time the homeowner will begin making financing payments on the agreed terms.

As always, our objective at ServiceMaster Recovery Systems is to put the customer first and complete the job the right way the first time. We take pride in working with homeowners no matter how unique the situation is. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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